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Tribal Crackling Wind

Tribal Crackling Wind is an interdisciplinary performing arts company based in Toronto. It was founded in 1999 to bring together the artists and means to produce the works of artistic director Peter Chin.


Tribal Crackling Wind is a distinctive creative force, bringing riveting ritual-based events to acclaim in its native Canada and internationally. The company’s repertoire has been shaped by the multi-faceted creativity of Peter Chin’s leadership.


Described as a “renaissance man”, Peter Chin is a choreographer, composer, designer, writer, director and performer of dance and music. He creates works that potentially engage all of these disciplines, inspired by the Asian paradigm of “Total Theatre”.Born in Jamaica of mixed Chinese, black and Irish ancestry, Peter Chin is also a true multicultural soul and his rich heritage has been played out through the company’s repertoire, giving it a genuine international and global character.  Within these creations, performers and creators are directly involved in the meaning of the work, aspiring to the proverbial merging of art and life. Transformation through real ritual, as opposed to a mere representation of ritual is the desire.

About Peter Chin

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