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Acclaim for Peter Chin


“An imagination that commands respect.”  - The Toronto Star


“Peter Chin aroused wonder and sheer delight.” - Economic Times, Chennai, India


“Chin demeure l’un des artistes du corps les plus intéressant de tout le paysage Torontois.” - Le Devoir, Montréal


“A choreographer at the height of his powers.”  - Globe and Mail


“Chin is an original.”  - Globe and Mail


“Chin … keeps breaking the rules about what dance should be” - Globe and Mail


“left the audience mesmerized” - National post


"The exceptional dancer Peter Chin from Toronto, who could effortlessly win every European solo competition, narrated and danced through various states of mind and soul in “Everything.” - Renate Klett from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Voted Best Dancer/Choreographer/Designer 2008

"While lots of people talk the talk when it comes to avant-garde art, Peter Chin walks the walk – and it's a pretty memorable strut. The Renaissance man of the dance world is devoted to innovation. His vision is so complete that, in addition to creating movement and dancing, he often designs the costumes for his performers to wear. A show by Tribal Crackling Wind – Chin's company – assaults the senses, teasing the intellect and boring into the subconscious." - NOW Magazine, Toronto


"A retenir, Peter Chin, qui avec Inirian, a livré une oeuvre aux allures d'épopée sans âge, nous faisant voyager dans un monde ou tradition et modernité demeuraient au diapason." - Le Devoir, Montréal


"His artistic command over choreography, dance, music, design and direction cannot be faulted...a study in fluid grace." - The New Indian Express, Chennai, India


"Este asalto dramatúrgico hace de la pieza una oportunidad para hacer visible lo invisible, para ver lo que está ahí pero no vemos, para re-conectarse con los diferentes matices de la realidad. De Peter Chin no hay que esperar una venia, sólo hay que pedirle que dedique el tiempo, que muchos no dedicamos, a meditar."  - Danza Pura Revista Virtual Colombia

2010 - present

2010 - present

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