Western Gate Angkor Thom

The mysterious road to the western gate of Angkor Thom is the only one of the four that is a dirt road closed to cars. It is quiet, with only occasional bicycles or a motorbike passing through. Yet the monumental still rises out of this forest scene, dreamlike and wild with the ringing of wailing cicadas at dusk. I step over tree roots webbing across the red dirt, and 11th century broken stones of fierce asura and naga statues laying in pieces amongst dusty leaves. 

Monkeys howl in the distance and the frogs are peeping.  I am going crazy. This magic is almost too intense..


Dancing Preah Vihear

A 6.5 minute dance offering I did around the full moon days in the currently dry Lion Head Reservoir, at the 9th-12th c Preah Vihear temple high up on a cliff overlooking the plains below. Thank you to the spirits of this ancient and sacred site, felt after many recent years of disruptive and disastrous war and conflict. 


Co-directors: Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh

Tribal Crackling Wind is proud to announce a new feature length film by Jeremy Mimnagh and Peter Chin, "Jamaican", shot in Kingston and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Panamá City and Bocas del Toro Panamá, and Toronto Canada.


Look out for a special Toronto screening this Spring before "Jamaican" is featured at the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles, as part of an exhibit on Chinese Caribbean art.


Winner of Caribbean Lens Film Festival Los Angeles, Best Documentary 2017


Where? With All

Choreography, performance and music: Peter Chin

Camera: Rasy Hul

Co-directors: Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh 

Choreographer/Performer/Composer: Peter Chin

Musicians: Peter Chin, Erin Donovan, Mark Duggan, Jennifer Moore, Rebecca van der Post, Meran Currie-Roberts

A duet between the dancer and the city of Toronto. 


Premiere: January 18, 2012 on Bravo!

Screenings: part of the ReelWorld Film Festival April 13 and 15, 2012

Supported by: Bravo!FACT and the Ontario Arts Council

Floating Construct

Director and Producer: Nick de Pencier

Choreographer/performer: Peter Chin

D.O.P.: Peter Mettler

Format: super 16mm 

Length: 29:50

Streetcar is a dance document of a man forced to carry the full weight of his mortality on his commute home. As the streetcar rumbles through the winter night with the city neon and traffic streaming by outside its windows, he begins – imperceptibly at first – to  accentuate certain of his pedestrian gestures to the point of stylization. First with just his eyes, then his fingers, then the striking of certain poses in relation to the forms of the other riders, him movements begin to add up to a personal dance. Intermittently, other commuters begin their own personal dances, as the riders begin to form a haphazard community of souls bound together by movement.



Nominated in 2004 for a Performing Arts Best Direction Gemini

Winner of a Gemini for Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Documentary for choreographer and lead, Peter Chin

Winner of the Dance and Media Tokyo Japan Grand Prix 2006

Nominated for a Banff Rockie Award


Streetcar has screened at many festivals throughout the world.



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