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trillionth i 

program notes

Temples in Sunseet

Trillionth i signifies the third eye and beyond, to the trillionth eye, in an embrace of endless ways of sensing, knowing and of being in the world. Trillionth i signifies the vast multiplicity of the I, of the self, and my fundamental connection to you all and ultimately to our oneness. Trillionth i, with its multigenerational cast from eighteen years old to seventy-two years old, asks the artists to go beyond representation, and to engage as dance and music ritual specialists, where their performances are intended to create something actual yet invisible in the here and now, something that is good for all. The performance of dance and music is literally put to the task of making a better world and beyond. - Peter Chin

Choreographer/Composer: Peter Chin in collaboration with the artists

Performers: Andrea Nann, Jennifer Dahl, Katherine Duncanson, Bonnie Kim, Carlos Rivera, Heidi Strauss (Canada), Marina Acevedo (Mexico), Chy Ratana, Chanborey Soy (Cambodia)

Text: Peter Chin (performed by Marina Acevedo)

Music Direction: Peter Chin

Musicians: Andrew Timar, Peter Chin (Canada), Mouern Chanty, Rasy Hul, Chea Ratanakitya, Ros Sokunthea (Cambodia)


Musicians on recording: Peter Chin, Rick Sacks (Canada) Mouern Chanty, Rasy Hul, Chea Ratanakitya, Ros Sokunthea, Nop Borami (Cambodia) 

Wardrobe/Costume Coordinator: Peter Chin

Lighting Designer: Arun Srinivasan

Stage Manager/Production Manager: Ryan Davy

Vocal Coach: Katherine Duncanson


Thank you to:

Oos Koswara, Tanveer Alam, Jake Ramos, Naishi Wang, Eric Cadesky, NKK Dance Centre, Camilo Giraldo and Lim Chanboramy, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre



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